Numismatic Auctions Online !

Our company purchases and offers for sale old silver and gold coins, ancient coins and medals, Hungarian and foreign commemorative medallions, lottery tickets, stock certificates, awards, emergency money, badges, and paper money. We offer our customers two options: immediate cash buying online or selling via our auctions. The market value of old coins and bank notes depend on various circumstances. Their evaluation is done by experts with many years of experience, who are always available for your service. On our regular online numismatic auctions you can find the piece of history that is still missing from your collection.

Why us?

  • Ongoing, continuously refreshed portfolio
  • Wide range of numismatic items
  • Regular numismatic auctions
  • Favorable conditions
  • Easy to handle electronic system is available for our customers
  • Reliable and experienced team
  • Quick and easy to sale and/or purchase numismatic items
  • Good accessibility

Conditions of sale

Purchaser's commission: 25%
Commission of submission: 15%
Item’s cost: 150 HUF
Minimum starting price: 1.000 HUF.

Bands of Bidding

0 HUF - 1.000 HUF

100 HUF

1.000 HUF - 5.000 HUF

200 HUF

5.000 HUF - 10.000 HUF

500 HUF

10.000 HUF - 20.000 HUF

1.000 HUF

20.000 HUF - 50.000 HUF

2.000 HUF

50.000 HUF - 100.000 HUF

5.000 HUF

100.000 HUF - 200.000 HUF

10.000 HUF

200.000 HUF - 500.000 HUF

20.000 HUF

500.000 HUF - 1.000.000 HUF

50.000 HUF

1.000.000 HUF -

100.000 HUF

Company information:

Company name: VALIENT Aukciósház Kft.
Company registration number: 13-09-227341
VAT number: 12573675-1-13
Data Protection Registration number: NAIH-75207

Bank name and bank account number:
OTP Bank / 11742056-29903397
IBAN code: HU89117420562990339700000000

In any case, postage cost is paid by the customer. We are not responsible for packages,
which has value exceeding 10.000 HUF and are without declaration of value.